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Bendtner can boost Arsenal this season

Nicklas Bendtner could score over 30 goals this season in all competitions and be the man to score the winners in the League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League finals for Arsenal; yet he’d still be ridiculed for calling himself the best striker in the world a couple of years ago.

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Sunderland 1999/2000 home by Asics

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It’s all about the World Cup

2013/14 is a special sort of football season. It’s a season when the fortunes of club sides matter just a little less but the fortunes of their players matter a little more. There are still all the usual matches to play. There are all the usual competitions to enter. The trophies are still around to be one. But everything is played out with one eye on next summer’s World Cup.

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2012/13 Premier League Cup

What if the Premier League was a cup competition?

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